With cosmetic eyelid surgeries my goal is to maintain the health and function of the eye, and then provide an improved and natural appearing outcome. And also using minimal incision techniques for quicker recovery. However, over-correction or under-correction from a blepharoplasty can lead to aesthetic and/or functional problems for the patient, requiring revisional surgery.
The most common reasons you need revisional eyelid surgery include:

1- Lower eyelid retraction- lower eyelid is pulled down because of scar and taking too much skin from the lower eyelid.
2- Rounding of the corner of the eye
3- Can’t close the eye because of scar and taking too much skin from the upper and lower eyelid.
4- Fat grafting to the periocular area results in permanent lumps and bumbps
5- Asymetry between the eyes
6- Droopy eyelids

Lower Lid Retraction

The most unwanted complication of lower lid blepharoplasty is lower lid retraction, in which the lower eyelid is pulled down. In addition to cosmetic appearnce, lid retraction can cause significant ocular/visual discomfort with tearing, redness, dry eyes, and blurry vision secondary to lagophthalmos (eyes not closing or blinking normally).

In these cases, the lower eyelid needs to be raised and the canthus surgically repaired. This is usually done through an incisions inside the lower eyelids (conjunctiva) with lifting of the lower eyelids with internal eyelid space graft and canthoplasty. We can use hard palate or ear cartilage grafts depending on the patient. At the same time we do scarlysis, 5 FU and PRP injections for the scar.

Eyelid surgeries and Blepharoplasty surgeries are very delicate procedures that doesn’t forgive mistakes. If a first prosedüre done irrcorrectly or carelessly, revisional surgeries are always more complicated than primary surgeries. It is crucial for patients to find an oculoplstic surgeon who has extensive experience with revisional surgery to mitigate the risks and possible complications of additional surgery around the delicate eye area.


Lower eyelid retraction repair in a young woman who suffered from bilateral lower eyelid retraction after botched upper and lower blepharoplasty. Note improvement in eye shape, going from rounded eyes to more almond shaped eyes.


Lower eyelid retraction repair with hard palate graft in a young woman who suffered from right lower eyelid retraction after a trauma. Note improvement in eye shape, going from rounded eyes to more almond shaped eye.


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